Introduction to Cube

Find your way around Cube, learn how to create scenarios and analyze results

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This course is designed for planners/modelers with limited exposure to the Cube software. It is particularly beneficial for transportation professionals who need to analyze results in existing Cube models, or to be able to manipulate and run different tests and scenarios. Senior-level managers needing an overview of software and capabilities could also benefit from attendance.


  • The course will demonstrate Cube components in detail, (catalogs, applications, modules, programs, inputs/outputs) to provide attendees with a complete understanding of the software interface and of the components defining a Cube model.
  • The course will cover methodology to make edits to input multimodal networks, and to simulate and run scenarios. Results from the different scenarios will be analyzed and compared. Visualization of outputs will be explored, together with the generation of summary tables and reporting.
  • After the course, attendees will be able to understand the structure of an existing Cube model, identify the main components, examine and manipulate inputs and outputs, run scenarios and analyze results. Users will be able to leverage the powerful capability of Cube as a Cube Model Applier.



Software needs:

Upon successful registration and payment, attendees will find links to download software for use on personal or work computer. (Need an invoice generated for this expense? Please contact Katie Brinson at [email protected].)

It is recommended that the installation of the software and of the licence is done and checked prior starting the course. If you have any issues, please contact [email protected] (or[email protected] if you are based in Europe).

Materials provided:

Course notes and Cube models are provided for download in the first course. A certificate of completion will be provided to those who have completed the entire course content.


The course will be taught in English.


  • How to open a Cube model including file/folder structure
  • The Cube interface:
    • Flow chart
    • Scenario Manager
    • Data Manager
    • Application Manager
    • Ribbon
  • Main input & output files and opening them
  • How to change global parameters
  • How to add scenarios
  • How to view and edit highway Networks
  • How to run Cube
  • How to show results in the Network program
  • How to use the network comparison template
  • How to display results in Cube GIS:
    • Highway
    • Public Transport
  • How to create a Cube report
  • Quick look at templates
  • How to find help
  • Cube Online

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Oliver Charlesworth
Oliver Charlesworth

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