Cube Voyager Public Transport - Advanced

Go beyond the basics and learn advanced topics in public transport modelling

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This course will allow you to..

- Examine in detail the PT Path Building process and calculations

- Learn how to include Fares in the PT Route Choice process

- Explore and implement the PT Crowding algorithm

- Undertake Skimming and Select Link Analysis in Voyager's Public Transport module

Topics covered are:

Chapter 01: Recall Main Elements of PT Modeling in Cube
• Process overview
• Input data
• PT Network Development: Transit Speed and NT-Legs

Chapter 02: Park & Ride in PT Program

Chapter 03: Details on Factor File and PT Generalized Cost

Chapter 04: PT Path Building Process Calculations

Chapter 05: Modeling Fares in PT


• Service Frequency Models (SFM vs SFCM)

Chapter 06: PT Crowd Assignment

• Link time adjustment
• Crowd Curves
• Wait time adjustment

Chapter 07: Skimming and Select Link Analysis in PT

Your Instructor

Filippo Contiero
Filippo Contiero

Class Curriculum

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  Chapter 2: Park & Ride
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